Handwoven quality textiles meet contemporary design

We are a fresh new brand that relies on time-tested techniques of craftsmanship together with contemporary aesthetics, while staying sustainable for a better future. Quality and design that are timeless and trending at once.

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  • Community

    We work with the few remaining small family businesses conserving the hand-weaving tradition in Turkey. We want to do our part to ensure that this unique community and their knowledge live on.

  • Sustainability

    Thanks to the traditional weaving method, our handmade products far surpass machine-made ones.

    Buy less, buy better – now that is sustainable.

  • Purpose, not just profit

    It is our mission to do good while remaining profitable.

    Our bathrobes and accessories are sewn in community centers aiming to give local women financial independence.

  • Transparency

    The supply chain of our products is short and transparent.

    We know our partners in Turkey personally.

    We know the origin of our yarns and our cotton.