Product Care


Product Care

Textiles live longer if you treat them with care.

"40 Degrees" icon for product care instructions

We recommend gentle machine cleaning up to a maximum of 40 ° with similar colors. Slight contraction of the fibers is normal.

Make sure that there are no objects in the laundry (e.g. zippers) as they could get caught in the fabric or tassels.

"no softeners" icon for product care instructions

No bleach. No fabric softener. Gentle dry cleaning.

"dry clean" icon for product care instructions

*** Please only dry clean our Nanna Pestemals ***

"air dry" icon for product care instructions

If possible, do not use a dryer, as the heat will severely attack the cotton fibers and make your towel lose its softness.

* * *

All of our items are handmade by artisans. Therefore, all pieces are unique and can slightly vary in size, tone and design. Imperfections such as irregularities in the texture or loose threads are inherent to the artisanal production process and cannot be avoided even with the greatest care.

What to do with a loose or torn yarn?

No panic! Just cut it off, your towel won’t be harmed thanks to the traditional weaving method.

And what about the unraveled tassels?

The tassles are knotted by hand and can be knotted again: Simply divide them into two equal-sized strands, fully cord them together clockwise and finally tie a knot from the cord.