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Bathrobe Wafflepiqué

Bathrobe Wafflepiqué

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Dimensions: One-size, Unisex, 123 cm length, 56 cm shoulder (across back), 56 cm (across back), 60 cm drop sleeve
Material: 100% Cotton

  • handmade from three pestemals
  • cotton waffle cloth
  • light and quick drying
  • durable and highly absorbent

Our handmade Bathrobe Wafflepiqué is a true classic. The three-dimensional structure ensures high absorbency, which increases with each wash, and a scrubbing effect when wearing. Perfect for long sauna and spa days or at home for the moments in between (which might stretch into whole days…).

As all of our bathrobes, Bathrobe Wafflepiqué is handmade in small-batches in partnership with Turkish Community Centres helping women to build independent lives by offering sewing vocational trainings and general life support.

Complete your look with the matching headband, scrunchies and cosmetic bag.

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