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Vintage Nomadic Pastel Kilim | 1970s

Vintage Nomadic Pastel Kilim | 1970s

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Size: 212 x 294 cm

Introducing our remarkable Vintage Nomadic Tribal Kilim from the 1970s, an authentic piece that embodies the spirit of nomadic craftsmanship. Skillfully handwoven and meticulously handmade with 100% wool, this kilim rug is a true testament to the artistry of the past.

The flatweave construction of this kilim adds a unique texture and durability, ensuring it will grace your living spaces for years to come. Originally featuring slightly more saturated tones, we have taken a thoughtful approach to enhance its beauty. By exposing the kilim to the gentle caress of the sun, we've achieved a natural fade, resulting in a delightful array of soft pastel colors that exude warmth and charm.

Hailing from the mesmerizing region of Southwest Anatolia, this kilim carries a rich history and cultural heritage, adding a touch of authenticity to your home decor. Embrace the rustic elegance and traditional charm of this Vintage Nomadic Tribal Kilim, and let its captivating allure transport you to the enchanting world of nomadic artistry.

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